Tree Technology (TREETK) is an R&D-performing SME providing information and communication technology solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (e.g., machine learning and analytics, computer vision, NLP, visual analytics, data management). 

TREETK provides ICT-based solutions for different sectors and markets such as healthcare, banking, and insurance. TREETK commercializes tailor-made solutions/services exploited under the Treelogic brand. TREETK works within an open innovation model where cooperative R&D activities are key to assess the maturity of emerging technologies, gathering new and differential knowledge.

The company has participated in more than 20 European R&D projects. In Interlink, TREETK in the project leads the integration of the platform and its different components to later run the pilots in 3 countries (Spain, Italy, and Latvia).

The Interlink platform

INTERLINK will exploit the expertise of TREETK within the public sector to build the Interlink Platform. This platform will bring together all the system components and building blocks of Interlink supporting the co-creation process. TREETK has wide experience in helping public administrations (PAs) to apply new technologies to provide citizens with high-quality services, improve internal efficiency and productivity, and to introduce innovation in their procedures. TREETK focuses its efforts on making real the opportunities offered by the new digital environment to facilitate the interaction between public administrations and stakeholders. For example, TREETK supports local governments in the complete cycle of telematic service provision (e-administration), to make them closer to citizens and businesses, with the premises of quality, security, and efficiency.

Helping PA with innovative approaches

For such purpose, TREETK adopts innovative approaches (based on big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, geolocation, etc.) to help public administrations to design and offer better services that can appropriately address the needs and demands of citizens and businesses. Based on TREETK’s knowledge, the Interlink platform will facilitate frequent exchanges between PAs and private stakeholders and will allow PAs tools to monitor service customization and delivery. The platform will be developed using the best practices in software engineering (e.g., a microservice architecture based on layers) as well as based on standards that will ensure its extension as well as its interoperability with existing PAs’ platforms.

The future of healthcare services

Given the existing (and future) COVID pandemics, one potential use of the platform in the future could be the co-creation of healthcare services more suited to the patients’ needs. In this context, TREETK is specialized in applying the latest technologies to the healthcare sector. In collaboration with experts from different areas of specialization (e.g., doctors, scientists, pharmaceutics), more than 175 hospitals and health centres work with TREETK’s solutions.