Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) is a top research institute in Italy, ranked at first place in the latest quality of research ANVUR evaluation for scientific excellence in 3 different subject areas and for the economic and social impact.

The result of more than half a century of history, through 11 centers dedicated to technology and innovation and to the humanities and social sciences, Fondazione Bruno Kessler aims to achieve excellent results in the scientific and technological field with particular regard to interdisciplinary approaches and the application dimension. This is due to the constant focus on collaborations and exchange activities with public administration and institutions, small, medium-sized, and multinational companies, European and international institutions, which broaden the capacity for innovation and involve the local community and the local economy in circulation of knowledge and technologies.

The Mission of Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Fondazione Bruno Kessler aims at excellence both in fundamental research for the advancement of knowledge and in the more mature fields of science and technology that allow a greater and more immediate economic and social impact. The mission of Fondazione Bruno Kessler can be summarized in two main points:

  1. Scientific research of excellence
  2. Impact on Society

Role in the Interlink project

Fondazione Bruno Kessler brings in the Interlink project its competencies on e-government platforms, technology for citizens participation, intelligent interfaces, and participatory design.

In particular, the Interlink project will exploit Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s scientific background and technical competencies in service-oriented architecture and user-centered design to design and develop interlinkers. Interlinkers are common building blocks, provided as software tools or in the form of knowledge offered digitally, that represent interoperable, re-usable, EU-compliant, standardized functionality for the co-production of public services.

In the Interlink project, FBK is scientific and technical coordination of the project and leader of WP1 and WP3. FBK also leads collaborations and clustering activities (Task T8.4), as well as the collection of socio-technical requirements (T4.1). Furthermore, Fondazione Bruno Kessler has a significant role in all technical WPs.

Interlink people from Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Three research units of Fondazione Bruno Kessler Digital Society center are involved in the Interlink project: