In this section, you can find background resources, white papers, EU communications, publications, useful links, scientific pieces, tech solutions related to the keywords of Interlink project.

Horizon 2020

Work Programme 2018-2020. Europe in a changing world – Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies


Public services during the pandemic: key processes in the healthcare management (Tree Tech, 2020)

The potential impacts of digital technologies on co-production and co-creation (Veiko Lember, Taco Brandsen & Piret Tonurist, 2019)

Distinguishing different types of coproduction: a conceptual analysis based on the classical definitions (Taco Brandsen & Marlies Honingh, 2015)

Why people co-produce within activation services: the necessity of motivation and trust – an investigation of selection biases in a municipal activation programme in the Netherlands (Joost Fledderus & Marlies Honingh, 2015)



Digital Transformation Interlink 2

Interlink: creating a new governance paradigm

The ambition of Interlink project is to develop a new collaborative governance model that promotes the reuse and sharing of existing public services leveraging on the partnership between citizens, private actors and public administrations.

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