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Radboud University is one of the leading academic communities and the best traditional university in the Netherlands. Situated in Nijmegen, it has nine faculties, around 22,000 students, and a reputation as a well-established centre for innovative, fundamental research. Radboud University opts for strong and broadly defined disciplines and interdisciplinary collaboration, to tackle the complex challenges that societies are facing.

The staff and students from Radboud University want to make a Significant Impact.

From the key message of the University’s new strategy.

The Institute for Management Research, the partner in INTERLINK, has long-standing expertise in the area of democratic participation, co-production, and co-creation, for which changes in technology, governance, and social relations have opened up new possibilities.

The Institute has played an active role in EU projects in the 5th, 6th, 7th Framework Programmes and Horizon2020, including such projects as Welfare Innovations at the Local Level in Favour of Cohesion (WILCO), Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments (LIPSE), Third Sector Impact (TSI) and the Network of Excellence Civil Society and New Forms of Governance (CINEFOGO).

Role in the Interlink project

In the INTERLINK project, Radboud University will be primarily responsible for the development of the collaborative governance model, based on the partnership between private actors (citizens, civil society, and businesses) and public administrations. In order to create the INTERLINK platform, the project will exploit Radboud University’s expertise on co-production and governance issues. The general governance model will include different governance-related questions that need to be answered or considered within different stages of the co-production process; taking into account responsibility and accountability issues for example.

Also, Radboud University will provide a set of detailed templates that represent different (best case) scenarios. These templates can be used by public administrations and private partners to develop a service, by applying the template to their unique situation and adjusting it to their specific needs.

Moreover, Radboud University believes that the key to co-produced public service provision is a thorough reflection on relevant governance issues, in order to arrive at legitimate decisions and to design tailored services. 

Interlink people from Radboud University

Taco Brandsen University of Radboud

Prof. dr. Taco Brandsen – Professor (LinkedIn)

Dr. Marlies Honingh - Associate professor

Dr. Marlies Honingh – Associate professor (LinkedIn)

Noortje Hoevens MSc - PhD-candidate

Noortje Hoevens MSc – PhD-candidate (LinkedIn)

Role in the Interlink project