The Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) is the executive body responsible for economic, financial and budget policy, planning of public investment, coordinating public expenditure and verifying its trends, revenue policies and tax system.

MEF performs a supervisory role over entities and activities and has strong relations with regulatory authorities set down by the law. MEF plays a central role in the IT enhancement process of the Italian public sector and has participated in several EU projects. together with its in-house company SOGEI (Società Generale d’Informatica S.p.A.), which is responsible for IT development and implementation.

Within the MEF, the Directorate of Information Systems and Innovation (DSII) provides IT services, information and data management to the entire Ministry and HR shared services to over 100 Italian public administrations – representing around 2.2 million civil servants – through the NoiPA digital platform.

In the last years, the DSII has launched the Cloudify NoiPA digital transformation program with the co-financing of the European Union and the National Operational Program «Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014 – 2020 ESF / ERDF, aiming at creating the single and centralized staff management system of public administrations, by expanding the services offered and by extending the entities served – from 100 to 11,000.

Cloudify NoiPA, therefore, will allow NoiPA platform to reach up to 3.3 million civil servants in the country. In addition to this, the DSII manages relationships with the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID), the Italian Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitization, the Digital Transformation Team, and other strategic partners in Italy and in Europe, also thanks to the involvement in European projects under the Horizon 2020 funding programme.

Role in the Interlink project