Dedagroup Public Services (DEDA) is part of Dedagroup S.p.A., one of the largest Information Technology group backed by Italian capital. The Group with a turnover of € 253 million and more than 1,900 employees, is an important aggregating hub of leading Italian firms in the Software and Solutions as a Service market, and a natural reference of businesses, financial and public service institutions in the development of their IT and digital strategies.

Since its foundation in 2000, the Group has grown consistently and today, in addition to having more than 20 offices in Italy, it also operates in Switzerland, France, Germany, UK, the USA, Mexico, and China. With headquarters in Trento, it supports over 3,600 clients worldwide through its offices.

The public sector – in the broad sense of all levels of national and local structures within the Public Administration, and public service organizations (energy and utilities, healthcare, transport, postal) – is the third market of the group, with a mix of software, management, documentary and geographical solutions, and design and process competencies, particularly in the areas of digital processes, archiving, analytics and data management. DEDA works with municipalities – small and large -, Regions and Ministries.

The daily commitment of DEDA

Dedagroup Public Services’ daily commitment is to support public administrations in their journey towards digitalization. The goal is to aid cities in becoming local development centers, central institutions in creating a data-driven administration, and companies in developing their networks and innovating their processes. The cloud, transparency, redesigned administrative procedures, and data management are the key elements of Dedagroup Public Services’ range of products and services.

The Research & Development team collaborates with the ecosystem of research centers (Bruno Keller Foundation – Lead partner of the Interlink project; Edmund Mach Fundation; Cineca), Universities (University of Bologna, University of Trento), innovation hubs (Innovation Hub Trento, Agency for Energy and Sustainability – AESS), start-up and players in the IT sector. 

Finding a spot on the european innovation ecosystem

DEDA is a partner of EIT Climate KIC and is involved in several projects focused on behavioural change, sustainable mobility, circular economy, smart energy, meteo data, big data and HPC analysis, IoT, air quality, open data. Since 2017 DEDA and FBK are working together in the Co-Innovation Lab and in different Climate KIC and H2020 projects. The main output of the Co-Innovation Lab is the Digital Hub, that DEDA and FBK will bring to the project. ​DEDA is a Day-1 member of the GAIA-X initiatives that federated data infrastructure for Europe​.

Role of DEDA in the Interlink H2020 Project

In the Interlink project, DEDA will take care of the exploitation of interlink solutions, defining the potential users, and supervising the exploitation activities of the individual partners. DEDA will lead WP7 Dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability Strategy by exploiting its wide experience in developing and commercializing innovative products for the public sector and using its strong knowledge of the ecosystem of municipalities all around Italy.

It will also contribute to the technical development of Intelink H2020 project, focusing on the Italian pilot’s activities.

Role in the Interlink project