Italy, Forum PA 2021 (June)

FORUM PA 2021 aims to create and strengthen connections between those who operate in central and local administrations, in technology companies, in the territories around the missions, objectives, and interventions of what will be the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

FORUM PA 2021 is working on a major digital event

Forum PA will host several stages, speakers both national and international from 21st to 25th June to:

  1. inform about innovation actions, the best experiences, solutions
  2. train on the most important topics of the administration
  3. strengthen the strong bonds between the actors of change
  4. connect central administrations and territories (local PA, businesses, organized citizenship)
  5. provide interpretations of the present to plan the future

FORUM PA 2021 is unique on the Italian stage because it reaches, with the largest database of public operators with over 100,000 qualified Administration names, a huge national and local public; it involves the main innovation networks in its initiatives: those responsible for the digital transition and CIOs, public communicators, human resources managers, councilors for innovation and Smart city, community open data.

FORUM PA 2021 aims to offer dynamic formats

  • Scenarios: major congress events on major country missions
  • Talks: round tables and in-depth conferences on vertical policies. Some talks are preceded by work tables by invitation so that innovators can discuss and work together
  • PA sections: opportunities for presenting projects, actions and government innovations, also in the context of the PNRR
  • Academy: free training opportunities
  • Conversations with…: interviews with politics, innovators, protagonists of the territories, organized citizenship, the Third sector
  • Seminars: short moments to disseminate projects and solutions

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From: 21/06/2021


Digital Event

Use Case

Reggio Emilia Italy

Italian use case

The Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance together with the Agency for Digital Italy will leverage the Interlink platform and its components to co-create a new module with Reggio Emilia city for a Joint Strategic Planning between central and local Public Bodies.


Latvian use case

The goal of the Latvian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development Customer Service Centers’ use case is to test sharing service delivery with third parties to improve public services.

Zaragoza city

Spanish use case

Zaragoza will adopt the Interlink governance framework to widen Open Innovation within the city. The framework and set of enablers made available within Interlink will provide holistic support for sustainable Open Innovation in the co-creation and co-delivery of services.